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What do you think is the furthest distance in the world?


 Tagore said that the furthest distance in the world is the love between the fish and the bird, because the former is swimming in the deep sea while the latter is flying in the sky. In her book titled The Single Bed in aSmall Bag, Zhang Xiaoxian said that the furthest distance in the world is that when I stand in front of you, yet you don't know that I love you.


Maybe this distance exists currently. Maybe it's not love, but kinship or friendship. Anyway, what do you think is the furthest distance in the world?



In my mind that furthest distance in the world is from one heart to another heart, not only is a sign of love, but also include the friendship、family、and even affection in humankind. Once it disturbed our mind, there will be the furthest distance between the both. Think carefully, if there is no love between the both, any distance isn’t become the furthest. That is to say, as long as there is love in our mind, any distance is not problems. When we are fall in love with others, stature, age and even all of such as style differences are not problems. For instance, I am in the eastern China, think about is there distance between I and the far American? Of course no, just cost any thousand to buy a ticket, we can meet at once. But if you want to go to one’s heart, how far is it. You leave no stone unturned, you lay yourself out, and even you couldn’t catch the whither. Touch their hearts with love, and instruct them with reasons. It is teach us that we may move others’ love by love, and pave the way by love to span the furthest distance in the world. The poem said: The farthest distance in the World,is not the space between life and death, but that you don't know I love you while I am standing in front of you. Perhaps both of Tagore and Zhang are inarticulate people. No matter which troubles happened in front of you, conquer it and brave express your feeling, you won't be sorry. 

When we are hard to communicate with friends, we think we are so lonely.
When we are hard to communicate with parents, we think we are so sad.
When we are hard to communicate with lover, we think we are so despairing.
When we are hard to communicate with teachers, we think we are so hopeless.

Maybe, we have to change ourselves. Let us span the furthest distance over the world together.




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